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June 2006
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Thanks for your email and I am happy to serve as a reference for you. It does not surprise me that you have multiple job opportunities to consider because you have extraordinary talent as well as a “can do” attitude. Let’s stay in touch.

All the best to you and your family.

Randall Micek
Managing Director

Robert Half International Executive Search (San Francisco, CA)


Your cheerful positive attitude, discipline, and scholarly works were mainly responsible for completing all our SOX projects. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Linda Franklin
Senior Audit Manager
UHY Advisors, NY, Inc.
New York, USA


God generously rewards and truly takes care of all those who sincerely love and obey Him. You are a perfect example of God's providence. I had no doubt that you would make it in America because of your vast and deep experience as an ADB middle-management person and as a member of La Salle's academic community. One thing about us Pinoys (at least those who are skilled and qualified like you): We can compete with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. We have the knowledge, the grit, and the determination to succeed. We are driven by two guiding principles: Faith in God and Love of Family. With those principles, we can never go wrong --- anytime, anywhere.

All the best to you and your family.

Attorney Florante Bautista
Philippine Lawyer
Ateneo de Manila Alumnus

CENEN HERRERA, is a man truly worthy of his calling. I have worked and had been a friend of his from 1990 until my retirement from ADB in 1999. I could attest to the fact that due to his diligence, reliability , skills and efficiency, he rose among the ranks from an accounting clerk to an internal auditor and finally as a Financial Policy and Credit Risk expert in the Financial Policy Division of the Treasury Department, Asian Development Bank.

Roberto P. Gesmundo
Accounting Technician II
LA Unified School District
Los Angeles, USA

Cenen Herrera is my friend and colleague since 1998. He was also my mentor and supervisor for about four years while working in the Financial Policy Division at the Asian Development Bank.

As a supervisor, Cenen has demonstrated exceptional skills in leadership. He leads by example, a trait which has drawn the admiration from his peers. He has an insatiable appetite for learning and has exceptional writing skills. His work attitude is highly commendable as he does his work with the highest efficiency and accuracy. He is truly reliable and dependable.

As a mentor, Cenen instilled in me the same work ethics that he practices and this has helped me grow career-wise. It was a pleasure working with him.

What really sets Cenen apart from the rest is how he balances his career, family and spiritual life. He is, first and foremost, guided by his strong spiritual beliefs. This is the reason why, in spite of his achievements, he is really grounded with reality. He is a very humble person. He is truly a friend, someone you could count on, no matter how busy he is.

Yolanda G. Bravo
Essex Property Trust Inc.,
Los Angeles, USA


Thank you for making it so easy to work with yourself and Linda, and for always being considerate of our time. I enjoyed working with you.

A. L.
December 2007
UHY Client
San Francisco, California


Thank you for your hard work at Advent Software.

Norm Shikuzawa
December 2007
Director - UHY Advisors
San Jose, California


I am amazed by your accomplishments, your view of life, and the way you live your life. I am glad to know you.

Dr. William Ren
Director- September 2006
Internal Audit Department
Charles Schwab
San Francisco, USA


I am writing to thank you for your excellent work at Charles Schwab.

Randall Micek
Robert Half Management Resources
San Francisco, CA USA
December 2006


Before anything else, congratulations for having found a job in the US in so short a time. I have always maintained that those who are good come out as winners; for some they call that luck.

Roger C. Talay
ADB Alumnus
Writing from Illinois, USA
11 June 2006


These are my comments on your performance in the course in Business Ethics. Your final report and research was done with excellent insights into situations that raised ethical issues. Your format in presenting the issues and your analysis of them was clear and unambiguous. The learning papers were learning opportunities for you to improve practice in the matters of ethical issues. Your chapter reports on Weiss and Hultman were prepared and discussed well. In using your experience at ADB in looking at ethical issues and concerns was helpful in understanding theories and their applications in actual settings. Your course grade is 4.0.

Congratulations and good luck to you as you move on to new life.

Bro. Rafe Donato, FSC
President Emeritus
De La Salle University

I have known Cenen for many years. He is one of the most talented staff that I had the privilege of working with in ADB.I am very happy for Cenen. He deserves to be recognized for his expertise. Only in the US will he get what he richly deserves. ADB's loss is the US's gain.


Dr. Ifzal Ali
Chief Economist
Asian Development Bank

Congratulations Cenen, I couldn’t be more pleased to learn that you will be staying at LJ Roth Reconstruction, Inc. (LJR). Your expertise and experience give LJR an asset very few companies of our size could ever hope to tap into. I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with you and rest of the new management team!

Steve King, Chief Operating Officer – LJ Roth Reconstruction, Inc

Dear Sir Nen:

I wanna thank you for being one of the greatest teachers I have had at De La Salle University. I will never forget the advice you've given us and the words of wisdom and encouragement. I’ m moving on to the next level...the CPA Board exams and I really hope I do well on it. I have so many dreams and I hope one day we'll bump into each other and I’ll be telling you all of my accomplishments. Thanks sir! You're one of a kind!

All the best and God bless!

Kristine Legaspi
De La Salle University

Message from the Chair
(Last Day as Chairperson, ADB Employees’ Multipurpose Cooperative – 31 March 2006):

Dear Colleagues,

Last night's Board meeting was another milestone in my ADBEMC life. The sharing of views among the participants was indeed a very humbling experience. I came to know at least four important lessons during my term as your Chair - ADBEMC:

1. Searching for Cooperative Knowledge was our Greatest Adventure in ADBEMC;
2. Loving the ADBEMC community was indeed a Great Romance;
3. Creating extra-ordinary benefits to ADBEMC members was Our
Greatest Achievement during our term; and
4. Appreciating the Divergence of Views in ADBEMC was our constant source of Happiness.

Thank you very much.


nen (nothing is exceptional from a nobody)


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